Main Uses


When you self-lock, you use only ChastiSafe to manage the combination, without help of a human keyholder. You create a lock as if you were a keyholder, but then load it yourself. As ChastiSafe does not allow lockees to manage their own locks, the lock becomes managed by ChastiSafe, using the rules that the lockee used when creating the lock, but without the option of changing the lock during lock time.

Self-locks are created by going to the "My keyholder locks" tab and selecting the icon on bottom left corner to create either a card lock or a timer lock. Then fill in the information about the lock and select 'Create'.

After creating the lock, you may load it by selecting "Load" from the lock menu. For more details and caveats, check the online help in the ChastiSafe app page.

It is strongly recommended to try out the lock first, as a TEST lock, to verify that it works as expected. Only when you are familiar with the lock and how it works in ChastiSafe, use it to lock up your chastity device. When testing card locks you can try to "speed up" the lock by temporarily using a shorter card pick regularity.

Managed locks

Loading a lock begins by going to the lock URL. You may receive the URL from your keyholder, or if you are self-locking, you could go directly to the URL by selecting "Load" from the lock menu. You can also check the Chastity Maze Discord server for a number of keyholders offering their locks.

When loading the lock you see the parameters of the lock, and you should provide the lock purpose from the menu before loading it. The keyholder might require lockees to contact them before loading the lock, in which case you should acknowledge that in the lock load page.

The lockee usually loads the lock using a combination lock or a safe. The combination lock might be applied directly to the cage, or it might be use to lock away the keys to the actual lock, similarly to how safe is used.

The recommendation is to always have a backup key available, protected by a numbered plastic seal for instance. That will reveal to the keyholder if the backup key has been used unauthorized.

When loading a lock, use the code provided by ChastiSafe for the combination. Then observe the random numbers shown on the screen trying to forget the code. You may also listen to the numbers read aloud during the random numbers display.

Keyholding others

If you wish to become a keyholder, you may create locks for others to load from "My keyholder locks" tab in the UI. Just fill in the information for the lock and select to "Create" the lock. You can always modify locks later as well.

You may want to set a guaranteed unlock time for the lock, so that any lockees that do not know you yet have assurance that the lock will not last longer than the guaranteed unlock time.

Once you have created a lock, lockees need to load it. You may use the Chastity Maze discord server to find lockees for your locks.

For the lockees to be able to load your lock, you need to share the lock link (available from CopyLink option of the lock), or the QR code (available from QRCode option of the lock) with them.

Ensure you always have a safe way out from chastity in case of an emergency. Keep an emergency key available for these cases!