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ChastiSafe is the online keyholding app for lockees and keyholders

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ChastiSafe is a keyholder application that manages the key to the chastity device by securely storing the digits for a combination lock until it is time for unlock. ChastiSafe provides several games and bot keyholders that can be used to enhance the chastity experience, whether you're locked by ChastiSafe as the sole keyholder, or by a human keyholder that is managing the keys through ChastiSafe.

Discord Community

Chastity Maze

The Chastity Maze Discord server is the official community for the ChastiSafe remote Chastity App and probably the biggest Chastity Server out there. It's a place to hang out and chat with other kinksters and meet keyholders and lockees. The entire server is 18+

Chastity Maze

ChastiSafe features

Timer locks

Timer locks that have a ticking timer, keeping you safely locked until the time runs out!

Card locks

Card locks where you need to play cards to unlock from chastity!

Hygiene unlocks

Your lock may allow you to perform regular hygiene unlocks, for example 15 minutes every three days. But don't be late relocking, or a punishment may wait you!


You're placed in pillory as a punishment, or if your keyholder just chooses to do that! When in pillory, other users may vote for your punishment

Timed events

Your lock may include timed events that perform updates to your lock, such as resetting lock, updating time or cards or even placing you on pillory!


Keyholder can configure you tasks to complete during the lock. Tasks are placed in a task roller and different tasks may be selected randomly, by yourself, or by keyholder!

... and more!

Many more features; check the online help in ChastiSafe web

ChastiSafe bots


Tiffany is a bot that can manage card locks with or without a human keyholder. Tiffany will add and remove cards to the lock, administer punishments and might even unfreeze you, if she is in a good mood!


Hector is very interested in playing games with you on discord, but only oif you're locked in a ChastiSafe card lock. Try out hangman, roulette or number logic games!


Elise is the board game expert. She will run different board games, where each square you land on may have an impact on your lock. The games need to be configured by your keyholder, or if self-locking, bu yourself.


ChastiSafe uses Discord authentication mechanism to identify users. That is why you will be directed to discord authentication when attempting to access most of the ChastiSafe functionality.

Discord authentication is used only to obtain your username and discord id, which both are visible to anyone present in a same discord server than you are. Any locks you create or load are then associated with the discord id, allowing you to use the app from multiple platforms and browsers.

Discord in turn will know that you are using ChastiSafe simply by the fact that discord authentication is used, but no information about your ChastiSafe locks is passed to discord.

Discord authentication on a browser will expire after a few days after which you will need to do it again to access ChastiSafe functionality.

ChastiSafe is non-commercial and free to use. If you are interested in more technical discussions or for instance developing your own bots for ChastiSafe, feel free to join our Discord development server "ChastiSafe Discussions". The development server is intended only for technical discussions.

ChastiSafe Discussions

Ensure you always have a safe way out from chastity in case of an emergency. Keep an emergency key available for these cases!